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From the end of the '70s many Koreans played a central role in the active
struggle for democratization and human rights, out of a deep commitment
to reunification of the Korean peninsula and to peace in the region.

The leaders of the Christian churches of South and North Korea, for the
first time in history, began to meet together on the reunification issue.

This was the beginning of civil movement for reunification in the true sense.
As the movement gradually developed, humanitarian support to North Korea
from the civil sector also grew dramatically.


In 2007, 500 some religious and civil society leaders made a public
commitment to reunification, and formed a citizens’ movement organization
consisting of persons from many different denominations and confessions,
for the 2nd phase of civil movement for peace and reunification.

Since its official launching on May 14, 2007, this Korea Peace Foundation
has been carrying out various projects and programs.


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